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  • Antivirus Software, Firewalls, and the Help the Provide

    14 May 2020

    Whether you have purchased your computer for business or personal pursuits, the security of the computer must be effectively maintained at all costs. Unfortunately, there are elements out there that seek to undermine the security of your computer. That...

  • Symantec Anti Virus Software detailed information

    29 May 2020

    Does your Anti-Virus program protect your computer?? Every now and then you can read about a new virus and the damage it causes. The millions viruses costs companies each time they strike. It is however not only companies that are suffering from the damages...

  • Improve Usability of Your Website

    08 July 2020

    No matter how brilliant your website design is, if it is hard to reach the content of your site then your site is as useful as an empty shell. Here are some tips to improve the usability of your website to ensure it serves its functions optimally. The...